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We finally jumped on the overnight oats bandwagon.  Not too sure what took me so long to try it out, but won't be looking back! With Charlie back in school, time in the mornings is even more limited and his lack of desire for eating meals makes mornings even tougher.  They usually go something like this, Me: Charlie what do you want for breakfast?
Charlie: "NOFING!"
Me: Charlie time to get dressed.
 Charlie: "NOOOO" as he runs circles around the house naked, I wrestle his clothes on stop to get his lovie out of the dogs mouth for the 1000th time.
 Me: Charlie, you still need to eat.  
Charlie: "NOOOO, PLAY."
Me: Ugh, why do I bother cooking for a toddler? Charlie come on the dog is trying to eat your food. You cannot go to school hungry please try and eat.
 Me: "It's time to go, you can eat a granola bar in the car where are your shoes?"
Charlie "NO shoes, and take your hair down mom, looks better that way"
HA! Like I have time to do my hair while trying to get you feed and out the door for school, forget the shoes! You're teeth did we brush them...???
Most days I wonder why I bother trying to feed this child who can survive off cheerios and milk, then I suppose it's because maybe that's some sort of parent neglect, although he would highly object. Anyway you get the point it's just not worth slaving in the kitchen for food to go to the dog or disposal. I heard of these overnight oats a while ago and finally decided to try it out.  They seriously are so good it taste wrong to eat for breakfast, its like a sweet treat packed with wholesome ingredients and Charlie will eat it because A. its sweet and B. I serve it to him in a mason jar and he thinks anything in a "honey jar" like Winnie the pooh is wonderful!  This is also a great recipe to make the night before hosting brunch, I serve it along with a fruit bar for toppings!
Check out  Five heart home, for overnight oats recipies, PB Banana (our favorite), Raspberry Nutella & Coconut Almond 
 Happy Saturday!

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