eats // burrito madness

The dinner time power struggle is over! We have a little one with a love affair for burritos.  I don't know why I'm surprised, he comes by it naturally his daddy is also a lover of all things burritos.  If you can wrap it this picky toddler will eat it!  I believe it's less of the fact that he actually likes the way his burrito taste and more of the fact that he "made it" so he will eat it.... kind of like what  he picks out at the grocery store always tastes wonderful, even veggies! But oddly enough what I cook or what I pick out at the store is tossed to the dog.  So burritos for dinner every night it is, we typically make hummus, cucumbers, raw peppers and red onion burritos, but at times like spaghetti and meatball nights his plate ends up with a spaghetti and meatball burrito, when he decides at 4:00 he is starving and must have a burrito NOW I grab all the chopped up items in the refrigerator and toss it his way....a pineapple, hard-boil egg with shredded cheese and pepper burrito was created this way, fancy! And oh yes he eats them, all of them! On a more appetizing note he also enjoys pizza making which can be less of a mess and much more appetizing. 

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