littles // Volume 2 Atlanta activities for babies & toddlers

Volume 2

Little man and I decided to take a trip downtown to the Atlanta Children's Museum.  I've heard mixed reviews so we packed up a lunch and took a drive, to the "muzuma" as Charlie calls it.  When we first arrived there were 2 large school groups, this did not go over so well with my little guy, he gets overwhelmed very quickly in large groups.  So we went inside a small area to eat our lunch and watch the kids play, after our lunch he was still uneasy about the whole thing.  To my surprise they have little corners labeled "quiet area" with books and bean bag chairs, how prefect!? We read a book or two, then checked out the train table, the school kids began to line up to leave and we pretty much had the place to ourselves.  He warmed up rather quickly and made himself right at home, working the conveyer belt, driving tractor's, grocery shopping for his favorite, milk he even caught a fish ;)!  And hours later, I was forced to drag him out before traffic began.  I was pleasantly surprised at how cute of a place it is, slightly dated BUT they are in the works of renovating I can't wait to visit post renovations! Heads up they will be closed from August 1, 2015 until late 2015.  It's a great place if you need a break from the heat and your little one gets tired from pool days.

Secretes to good not to share...

Through the generous support of Target you can go for "Free" every Second Tuesday of each month starting at 1 PM.

Mondays are a no field trip or group day *wish I had read that before we went, good to know for next time.

Bring a lunch, they only have vending machines.

Imagine It! The Children's Museum of Atlanta
$12.75 per person

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