paleo // vegan hot chocolate

Spring maybe only weeks away but we are currently in full force winter here in Georgia.  The snow has been fun to play in but the days stuck at home from school and work are looong and call for a little vegan hot chocolate (minus the marshmallows, those are not paleo, GF or vegan just a little someone's favorite part of hot chocolate well that and the stirring). 

We use 2 cups lactaid milk or vanilla almond milk, sweetened and 2 tablespoons of pure cocoa powder and cinnamon to taste. Boil milk add coca powder & cinnamon and day dream of warmer weather and beach trips!  Below are two hot chocolate recipes from pinterest that I must try, especially the ve salted Mexican hot chocolate with a splash of bourbon, sure to warm you right up!
vegan chai hot chocolate
                                                                    find recipe here

vegan salted Mexican hot chocolate
find recipe here
Then it's onto fort building and teddy bear cuddling, the only way to spend a snow day! xo, Stephanie

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