littles // Santa & decking the halls

Tis the season for picture overload, so here you have it. Charlie had his first not so happy visit with Santa this year.  He was OK till Santa tried to put him on his lap, the visit came to an end after that.  He quickly rebounded with a candy cane from Santa and some French fries from Johnny Rockets ;).

Decking the halls with a two year old boy went something like this....
I think I can pop this little top off.
  Yep, it's off!   
And it ROLLS!
This tree looks big! Think I need to get my tape measure to it....

This tree needs a few more tools...
The cat looks like she's in need of a mickey mouse screwdriver...

                                     Oh yeah! Lets hang one of those balls that roll on the tree...

                                                                Happy Holiday's!


  1. So cute! I love that last photo with the Santa hats! Adorable!

    1. Thanks Sara! It was fun chaos ;) I'm sure you can relate!