littles/ trick-or-treating fun

I hope everyone had as much fun trick-or-treating as my little eggs and bacon did!!!  It was only fitting he dressed up as something paleo ;)!  Costumes like these are short lived it's only a matter of time before he goes to the dark side picking out his own Party City made it China costume. Tear,  I think his Grandma Tilly and I will cry in our snickers bars the year that happens (he was already telling everyone he was going to be a "blue" egg for Halloween, so I compromised a little and put a blue shirt on under his sweater;)).  I wish I could take credit for this awesome costume, but really all I did was slip in on my kid and snap the pictures! I found the idea on etsy and then how to make it on this blog.  My crafty mom made it, she changed it up a little, we did the bacon as the straps, knowing Charlie would only keep the hat on for 5 seconds, she also used Velcro for the straps and side of the egg for easy wear.  He loved it and wore it all night!  He was in heaven with the big bowls of "lops" and chocolate in blue wrappers, it doesn't take much to keep him happy!  We have a tradition of going to my moms for Halloween were the neighborhood hosts a big block party before the trick-or-treating begins.  It's a BIG deal!  Treats are giving to the kids and Jell- O shots are passed out to the parentail's.  Charlie caught on real fast to the whole "tweet or tweet," when handfuls of candy hit his bag.  Of course, he wanted it all opened the min. it hit his bag.  But with the excitement of all the kids running from home to home he decided to try and keep up with the big kids. 
For the block party I cooked up a little "guacamole & brains."  This is such an easy festive dish for any Halloween party, simply hallow out a large cauliflower, take fruit-by-the-foot (blue & red) cut it into smaller pieces, press against the cauliflower take a damp paper-cloth and wet the fruit-by-the-foot to stick on the cauliflower, make guacamole & spoon it inside the cauliflower.  I hope everyone has recovered from the sugar coma and Happy November (ALREADY! Crazyness).


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  1. That costume is absolutely adorable!! Love it! So creative!