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Happy Halloween! I hope everyone's having a fabulous day full of yummy treats!  Charlie & I kicked off our Halloween celebrating in the kitchen yesterday preparing treats for his class at school.  My sous-chef was more interested in tasting gobbling all the ingredients rather then assisting. Shocker!  We made candy corn brownie bites & ghost pretzel sticks.  Both super easy.  For the brownies just bake a batch of brownies, dab a little white cookie icing in the center of each and attach the candy corn.  Ghosts - because this is for little's we broke large pretzel rods in half (you could for sure keep them large) microwaved white chocolate pieces (for candy making), dip each pretzel in melted chocolate, lay out on wax paper and use two mini chocolate kisses as eyes. 
My assistant suddenly realized there is more to life then lollipops when he tasted our ghost chocolate...
 Then he decided the pretzel sticks, chocolate & wax paper made for good painting...
 He did manage to get a couple eyes on the ghosts in between scarfing down handful's of his own...
  He of course had to be the first to taste test the final product.  He was sold & worked really hard on pursuing me for more.  Once nap time came around I was able to get down to business and actually make our treats for school without my sous-chef. How those Publix commercials can make cooking in the kitchen with little's look so peaceful and wonderful is beyond me!  We had a ton of messy fun but sure was far from productive! ;)
 I hope everyone has a safe & Happy Halloween!

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