littles // beach trip

We're back from our last (much needed) beach trip of the season!  It was a great way to end the summer, Charlie overcame his fear of water & was a wild man!  The big waves were nothing for him!!! The ride home was a different story, not even "Frozen" helped.  It was a loooong, loud kicking and screaming over tired tot meltdown, but was totally worth all the fun that was had at the beach...
 You can only chase waves with stickers.
 And jumping waves is much more fun with a shovel and stickers, of course.
Watch out seagulls, one of these days he may just catch you.

  Caillou went everywhere with us, because we needed just one more thing to keep track of.

 Our 1st only attempt of a family dinner out turned into a massive toddler meltdown, to-go boxes for all and onto Charlie teaching us how to properly play corn hole.

 When you're husband leaves his glasses at the condo and your child refuses to wear his hat this happens.  Yes, we received many bizarre looks. Charlie finally took it off and said "Dada, no hat" check 1 point for dad already embarrassing Charlie. :)
 One straw is never enough and "mean mugging" is necessary when momma won't get her camera out of your face.

And now that summer is officially behind us we are excited to cook up some fall goodies.
Stay tuned.

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