Let's kick cancer in the butt!

I must a share a story of a very close family friend, a women my mother calls one of her best friends
and a women who was like a second mother to me growing up. This wonderful women, Maureen was diagnosed with breast cancer 23 years ago and fought the battle. Now 23 years later it's back.  Please read her story below and join our family in supporting, Team Maureen & no "Mo" cancer!
Team Maureen & no "Mo" cancer!

My good friend Maureen Wagner was diagnosed with breast cancer 23 years ago when her children were 7 and 4 years old. She underwent a mastectomy at that time. Maureen is a very strong woman and did not let the diagnosis of cancer slow her down. She was always at church helping with events where you could find her quietly in the kitchen cooking or washing dishes. If someone in her community had a difficult time, she would deliver a meal or her world famous muffins. She worked 3 jobs to support herself and her children – ensuring that college would be a part of their future. Maureen became very involved in breast cancer fund raising and was active in Relay for Life for at least 20 years, even acting as the Co-chairperson for three years and raising over $485,000 for one event. This was second highest amount raised in the nation that year. She is still working two jobs and has spent her life giving to others. Now, 23 years later, her breast cancer has returned. This time involving the lymph nodes and requiring surgery, chemotherapy and probably radiation. She is recovering from a second mastectomy and will soon begin chemo. Chemo will involve treatment every 3 weeks for 24 weeks. We are kicking off this campaign to support Maureen so she can get the treatment and rest she needs to kick this cancer in the butt. Thank you so much for your support, prayers, and donations. We will keep you all updated with her progress.
With love, Ginny DeGroot and family

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