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Bring on easy cooking!  Paleo coconut crusted cod is the perfect dish for a mid-week, home cooked meal without sacrificing a ton of time in the kitchen. Shredded coconut gives the fish a great flavor and a breaded texture without actually using bread crumbs or frying. I served it with brussel sprouts & sweet potatoes (non-paleo).  A great fall paleo substitute for sweet potatoes would be one of my favorites, butternut squash. Cheers to Friday & happy cooking!

 serves: 2   prep time: 5 min     cook time: 15 min

. 75 lbs of cod
. shredded reduced fat coconut
. coat fish in shredded coconut
. coat skillet in non-stick spray
. heat stove to med-high
. add fish
. cook 4-5 min on each side

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