One Year and Beyond- Traveling with your Toddler

Hello, today I'm linking up with some fabulous mommy bloggers to discuss traveling with your toddler.  I'm in no way an expert actually I'm far from an expert seeing as just a simple trip to the grocery can end in total meltdowns with goldfish and sippy cups flying.  We recently took a trip to Mexico (Charlie's first plane ride) and I was terrified,  not for him but for those sitting near us.  We managed to make it to Mexico and back in one piece with only a few eye rolls in our direction I'm probably better off  telling you what not to do while traveling with a toddler in the air...
1. Don't expect your child to nap on the flight instead what worked for us was to book our flight early in the morning when Charlie was well rested. 
2. Don't order a drink from the flight attendant (even water) the likelihood of that drink getting kicked or hit by your little one and spilling on your neighbor is very high. Lets just say I'm glad it was just water.
3. Don't bring a book or magazine for yourself. The chances of you catching up on the latest People magazine is slim to none, this will not be a relaxing flight you will be a human jungle gym for the next couple of hours. Take a deep breath knowing a glass of wine is in your future.
4. Don't give a kid who can't sit still and has discovered that he can shove things in the seat in front of him a lollipop. Cue the eye roll from the fellow passenger as Charlie kicks her seat and try's to throw his lollipop in her hair. 
5. Don't leave your child's loovie on a bus to the airport....just don't.
6.  Don't bust out your kids favorite game on the ipad and expect him to be happy.  It's so loud on planes that he won't be able to hear anything resulting in a very frustrated child.  And you suddenly find yourself becoming that parent you said you would never be... you know that one praying he would just sit still in front of the ipad for just 5 freakin minutes.
7. Don't put your child in a cheap diaper for a long flight.  Save yourself from going into those things they call bathrooms and put him in a nighttime diaper before you board.
8. Don't bring a diaper bag and purse.  You will have your hands full with your little one you don't want to look like a bag lady while holding a screaming child through the airport. Save yourself the trouble and throw style out the window (only for the flight) and just bring a backpack (and pack a clutch in your suitcase for when you reach your destination).  Yes you will look like you are headed to summer camp and yes your husband will make fun of you (my husband told me I looked like I was going to insect camp) but it will be one less thing to worry about. Also don't bring your big fancy stroller they are just one big hassle while traveling. Do yourself a favor and buy a umbrella stroller. Charlie like ours so much we find ourselves using it often.
9. Don't open or close the window shield on the planes window in front of your child....it will become the new toy for the rest of the flight being banged till landing.
10. When all else fails and your child is blowing rasberries while eating a lollipop, eyes are rolling and your husband is about to poke his eye out with that lollipop do what I did and laugh, what else can you do.
and you may get looks like this from your husband when your child is melting down and you won't put the camera down
I hope this helps and you have a peaceful flight with your tot! Happy Summer travles.


  1. Oh my goodness these made me laugh!!! I can only imagine what would happen with my three on a plane. I doubt they would even let us board! haha. But you guys survived, and probably came away with much more traveling knowledge ;) Thanks for linking up!!!

  2. I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this post. Mainly because I've made every single one of these mistakes! This is awesome. Yes time a thousand to the lollipop issue and the constant opening/closing of the window. UGH. Same with the tray table. And yes, I've had a drink (a real one that I paid for!) spilled all over me by my kid. Which of course just made me need a drink that much more. :) Thanks for linking up with us today. Awesome post.

  3. Thanks Sara! I love following your blog and enjoyed linking up with you gals! :)

  4. Love your blog!!! So glad I found you through this & am looking forward to following along! XO

    1. Thanks for the sweet comment! xo, Stephanie

  5. I love the 'what not to do' approach! I'm so glad you shared your wisdom, seriously though. I am. I have yet to fly with my little guy- I'll have to remember this list for when we finally do. So glad I found your blog from the link up :)

    1. Thanks Hanna! I'm sure you & your little guy will have a successful flight when the time comes! :)
      xo, Stephanie

  6. Using a backpack is genius! I have got to remember that when we fly with Mia for the first time... which I'm totally terrified to do!