monday ramblings

1.  Look out sunshine Charlie has some new shades and he's in love! I was almost certain they would be broken in.2seconds but he loves them.  It's a struggle to get them off for nap time.
2. So it starts already "kids say the darndest things."   Charlie and I got to spend sometime catching up with my best friend last week, while we were playing she asked to him "you smell so good what is it you're wearing?" he quickly responded "poop" and no he was not wearing poop nor was he sitting in poop. I see a talk with Daddy in Charlie's future about how to woo the ladies...

3. Bob the builder was in full force at our house this weekend. Charlie loved helping with all the fancy tools.

4.  I spent about 45minutes at the pool working on getting my child off the first step, while talking to another mom who was in shock at how scared he was, explaining to me how she can't keep her son (only a few months older then Charlie) out of the water. This is something one does not need to hear or see after 45 min of hanging out of the pool steeps with a child who insists on going home to read books. We eventually made it off the steps, he clung to me the whole time but it was a great start!

5.  Father's day really sneaked up on me this year! Here are two things I found in my pursuit for the perfect gift. Hoping to have a few more suggestions later in the week.
I hope everyone had a great weekend!

copper mug

copper mug

drink rocks

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