monday ramblings

1. We had a fun family filled weekend celebrating a great da-da & grandpas! The grandpas enjoyed some of Joey's home brew. 
And Charlie was extra sweet, treating Joey to sloppy kisses.

2. Check out these kids PJ's. Too cute and perfect for Charlie who is in full stalling mode these days. He insists on brushing his teeth just one more time or having another "nak" before bed.

3. After a long loving relationship my flat iron died :(  It was a sad and scary hair day. I ordered this new iron (it's currently on sale on amazon) I'm soooo in love! The best iron ever! It heats up in seconds, beeps when it's ready, (fancy styles!) gets so hot and doesn't pull your hair out! Yeah, to less headband and topknot days. Except on Mondays...

4. Caution: mom bragging moment...Charlie counted to nine on Sunday. He's a genius, I know!;)

5. You can find us on instagram.

Happy Monday. Hope everyone had a great weekend, only 5 more days to go till Friday...

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