Cucumber love & Chronie life

It's safe to say we have a slight cucumber addiction in our house. And by we I mean, "me"and if I'm addicted Joey & Charlie are too  (not always by choice).  I rarley talk about myself on this blog, focusing more on all things, Charlie, food & fashion. But decided to share that I have Chron's disease which has been very well managed by my awesome Dr.  But recently started flairing up again. I'm so lucky in the fact that I do not suffer from the constant bowl issues as many other Chron's patients do, instead mine is more joint pain, eye pain, cramps and flat out exhaustion. To go along with my Chron's I have a fancy, handy dandy, extra ring on my esophagus which causes reflux and spasams from time to time, that too has been managed and under control for about 2 years and also decided to go haywire on me. So I'm back to my Dr. for a nice little goodie bag of pills to fix me up (hip, hip, hooray for good drugs)! Meanwhile I'm back on the clean living "Chronie" diet. I plan to post all about what foods work best for me in another post to hopefully help others suffering.  One of the tricky things about this disease is that it's so unique from patient to patient, with symptoms widely varying (making it tough to diagnose)  and diet control also varying.  This time around I'm oddly suffering from LETTUCE! Wtf who suffers from lettuce! I can't eat kale, spinach or even crappy old iceberg without my throat going into major spasams! I may have developed a lettuce allergy per my doctor. Bazaar, I know, but could be much worse at lease I can still tolerate a glass or two of wine ;)! So while I'm twitching not having a nice bowl of green crispy lettuce to accompty my meals (because you know, you miss it that much more when you can't have it) I have turned to cucumbers. I love dipping them in hummus as a little snack or make a humans wrap for lunch: tortilla, hummas, baby cucumbers finly sliced, grape tomatoes cut in halves & red onions. So yummy!!!!  My friend made me this delicious cucumber salad it's so tasty and great for summertime dinning. Another cucumber favorite of mine is cucumber water (simply cut a cucumber into slices add to a pitcher of water). It's refreshing, pretty for parties and reminds me of visiting my sister in California & going to the spa (where I first discovered this fabulous mixture).
Cheers to cucumber water and dreams of the spa we made it to Friday!

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