As a new journey begins in our house changes come to randomness.  As I've mentioned before I have Crohn's diseaseGastritis and Schatzki ring. With these diagnoses eating can be a struggle, especially because I love to eat and love to eat good food. Eating, is actually one of the misconceptions I have encountered with my illness (many people are not educated about Crohn's disease -- I hope to change that on my little corner of the internet) I receive numerous comments about my low weight, concerned questions about whether I suffer from an eating distorter, questions about why I'm not eating what's offered at a dinner party or why I'm so picky when out at a restaurant (going out to eat gets really tricky when you suffer from such diseases). These questions can get a little uncomfortable at times. I'm very open about my disease but don't walk around with a name tag, "hello my name is Stephanie and I have crohn's" so when I receive such questions I simply explain I have an auto- immune type disease with a limited diet. I suppose you could classify it as an eating disorder, I enjoy eating too much and when eating what I want vs what I should inflammation and/or spasms can occur. I've been very fortunate to control my crohn's with a regulated diet and medications as well as controlling my issues from Schatzki ring with regular endoscopy's and dilations.  This is all until recently, the chron's has began to flare and no relief has come from a recent dilation. I have added additional medications to my list but also know that diet control is key to relief.

  I'm on a mission to focus on foods I can eat instead of what I can't. I hope my new meal posts will not only help crohn's & Schazki ring suffers but also any of you who enjoy cooking and healthy eating. 
xo, Stephanie

Don't worry the Charlie and fashion posts will still be around.  Who could go without a good toddler picture or shoe post ;)





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