monday ramblings

1. It wouldn't be a normal week without Charlie suffering from a boo-boo. Last week he decided it would be a good idea to roll his cozy coupe car down the driveway. That thing flew down the street, he got so excited running after it a little faster then his feet would follow, his face and the road had a not so nice meet. A bloody nose and cut lip later he's a little bashed up, looking rough and tough.

2. We got to spend the beautiful weekend with family celebrating an early mothers day with both Grandmas.  Charlie was in heaven celebrating with everyone!

3. It wouldn't be a Cinco de Mayo weekend without a margarita (or two).  I got out child free with my sisters and friends for a few festive drinks!  It was nice to sit and sip a drink at a restaurant without chasing a food throwing toddler.

4. I found a great maxi dress for $10.80!!! I normally don't have much luck at Forever 21. But from time to time stop in for a quick look.  I happened to find this  awesome dress and it was only $10.80 its cute and comfy. Double win!

5. We're on Mexico trip count down. The sunscreen has been purchased, new toys for the flight check, diapers check, more diapers double check. Milk, milk and more lactose free soy milk check! You never realize how difficult it is to travel with a child who has a milk allergy till you decide to travel to Mexico and need to somehow bring milk.  Luckily silk soy sells milk that does not need to be refrigerated till after opened. And our little milk-aholic loves it. So we will probably need a whole suitcase for his milk and diapers alone.....one less pair of shoes momma will be packing!

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