DIY home decor

I spotted these really cute jute décor balls at Target a few weeks ago.  I convinced myself to stay away!  Especially because come Fall and Winter I would be so over them moving onto more festive décor. Well the damn balls kept popping up in my head!  I had to get my summer home décor on but not for the price of $10-$20 a ball. A little trip to home depot and viola I'm now the proud owner of two rope balls. I used natural sisal rope from home depot for $5.88 to achieve more of a natural burlap look and skipped the loop part.  But you can also find the jute twine at home depot for $2.33 (may two rolls of the jute depending upon how big you want your balls). I wish I could outline how I made them but to be honest it took about 5 min. all I did was wrap it in a ball shape by holding one end and continuing to circle around and around  my hand with the rope, cut the end when I was happy with the size and tucked it in the ball! One of the easiest projects I've ever done, I was able to accomplish it with Charlie awake and no help from the husband. Woo hoo! ;)

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