bath time fun

At our house bath time is one big challenge! It's like wrestling a wet pig (no I'm not calling my kid a pig but damn that's what it feels like) to get him to actually sit in the tub. The act of sitting still for .2 seconds is foreign to Charlie, so that plus a wet slippery tub equals a nightmare! Baby center, The Bump or one of those baby websites I subscribed to when I was a neurotic pregnant women came to my rescue. I guess they do know a thing or two about kids, they say try putting ice cubes in the tub with your toddler to introduce opposites such as hot and cold. Well not only did he have fun with the hot and cold he actually sat in the tub! Thanks baby website. Just be careful if your little one is anything like mine he may try to sneak a cube or two in his mouth.
Cheers it's Friday...and a long weekend!

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