back to reality

We're back from Mexico!  The trip was a success, busy but a success! Charlie did great on the flight out to Mexico (of course a few ups and downs), the three cute girls sitting behind us that he flirted with were a huge help in distracting him! We had some turbulence which he LOVED, he laughed and asked for more once it stopped! The flight back home was a different story! We were on the receiving end of ugly stares from the couple in front of us, Charlie was wound up and sitting still was not happening! His books (well really anything he touched) went flying in the air! But a book hit a cup of water and spilt followed by a session of him fake laughing so loud while spitting everywhere! He was in rare form and we were stuck on the plane, I just died laughing I know for sure not the best parenting tactic but it was that or pull my hair out because a cocktail was not happening it would have gone flying too....should of sent it flying into the couple in front of us but Charlie had already tried to throw a lollipop in her hair! At the beach it took him some time to warm up to the water (pool and ocean) but peer pressure's a bitch at any age....he met a sweet little girl just a few months older then him who loved the water and that was all he needed once she went in the ocean he had to go too! They played together for a couple days it was too sweet they shared toys, snacks and hugs on the beach! What I did not expect to happen was for him to get home sick!  The whole time we were there he talked about his grandparents, aunts, friend at school, the dog & cat even the neighbors dog!!! Luckily I brought his little picture book (with pictures of all his family), that put a smile on his face but he still asked for everyone over and over again! Towards the end of our stay I asked him if he was ready to go eat breakfast and he said, "breakfast, home" I was shocked and had no idea he would miss home that much! He was one happy boy to come home to his playroom and share his unwanted food with Lola again! I'll detail all the helpful and un-helpful hints for traveling with a toddler in another post. For now here are a few pictures as we recover from the 6 loads of laundry.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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