when to lend a helping hand

Charlie's big into asking for help when needed.  Which I love, it's a big step from the frustrated, pointing and grunting world we use to live in.  But sometimes I wonder if he always needs the help or if he just wants a reassuring hand...which we're always willing to give (of course the latest articles I've read in certain parenting magazines says let them go without helping...ugh! you can't ever win).  Well yesterday the dog was going crazy, barking at the neighbors dog, while Charlie was going crazy because the neighbors little girl was outside and he wanted to play with her.  I had to bribe the dog inside with treats (great parenting skills, I know) while telling Charlie not to leave the deck (don't worry my neighbor was outside watching him, he was A-OK). Once I finally got the dog inside and returned outside Charlie was off the deck and down the big hill in our yard (which he always asks for help going down) to see the neighbor girl. OH! And he must have lost a shoe, because when I got to him he only had one shoe on.  He and his bare foot were both just fine! Not one fall, bump or scratch.  Maybe he doesn't need that much help all the time (although if he asks we'll still lend a helping hand) . Maybe I need to start focusing on the big fence that needs to be built to keep him away from the neighbor girl!

Thanks Aunt Meg's for the beautiful picture!

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