monday ramblings

1. Charlie had his first trip to the zoo last week, with his friends.  It was a success! The elaphant's and panda bears were by far his favorite.

2. BUT the main highlight at the zoo was his first lollipop (or "lop" as he calls it). He woke up from his nap later that day talking to himself about "lops"...he's hooked!

3. I never realized how terrifying a big red zit on mom's chin could be to a toddler!  He was very confused pointing it out with a puzzled look.  I reassured him it was OK, just a little boo-boo. But I don't blame him that thing was not pretty. ;)

4.  Charlie has grown 1/2 a foot size and is now officially a size 5! So in honor of this accomplishment we of course ordered him a pair of these adorable Tom's. 

5. We had an early Easter egg hunt at our local park on Sat. While the actual egg hunting was a flop (way to many people equaled system over load for Charlie) the little petting zoo and of course the swings were a hit.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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