monday ramblings

1.  Charlie got to visit the Easter bunny. It was an epic fail...But who can blame him, that bunny looks pretty scary! Joey & I had to sit with him, while the bunny had to hide behind us. Charlie now loves looking at the picture saying he likes the bunny. I'm not too sure I believe him! Nor are we going back to find out.

2. My sister my made this awesome kale & brussels sprout salad while she was home visiting. I'm in love and already made it twice (not using the almonds as the recipe calls for).  We were also able to capture a family picture with all of us! A not so easy thing to do!

3. We enjoyed a cook out on Sat. with some close friends of ours and delicious food! Charlie was in heaven being the center of attention and exploring the 5,000 steps on the back deck. Thanks Mallory & Dennis for a fun evening!

4. You never realize how many steps, exposed outlets or curse words are out there in the world till you have a toddler! 

5. We officially can't find any shoe to fit Charlie. He has outgrown all of his 4.5 shoes but all the size 5's are just a little too big. Good thing it's starting to warm up because he will be running around barefoot. Please don't judge if you see me in the grocery store with a barefoot child.

Happy Monday!

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