Easter time fun

While Charlie's the worst at eating he lives for his "nacks" (as he likes to call snacks). Luckily he will usually accept cucumber bites, peas or fruit as a "nack." Although pretzels and gold fish are preferred. He's big into playing with Easter eggs and has enjoyed eating his gold fish out of them (posted here). I saw these cute egg crates in the dollar section at target I had to snatch one up! They came with different eggs, and inside the eggs were stickers! I stashed them away for his Easter basket. I think it was one of those $3.00 items in the dollar section...still a great deal!  I've  had them displayed in our living room and decided to use them to spruce up his "nack" time.  I surprised him with this fruit and cheese platter after his nap. Oooey! He was so excited he was flapping his arms and clapping.  We will for sure have to use them again for Easter breakfast. 
Cheers it's Friday!
Xo, Stephanie

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