What the baby book's fail to tell you....


I thought I read every book under the sun while pregnant, but then this little person arrived with no instruction manual. He would not respond to any techniques "they" said use... not even the one's I highlighted and marked with sticky notes to ensure I remembered. Now FINALLY past the crazy newborn, baby stage (that we all 3 shockingly survived). We are in a whole new ball game. Don't get me wrong toddlerhood really is fun! But, once again I must have skipped a chapter or two about a few techniques, like.... how to deal with a biter, not only a biter but one that takes a chomp out of a mothers shoulder when not allowing him or her to run in the street. Or the whole babies and dogs thing, I read all about how to deal with your babies/toddlers and pets....but no where did I read that your child my find a sudden interest in the dogs backside and may stick his or her finger in it, followed by his or her beloved bubble wand! Where are those handy, dandy parenting guide books??? I sure could use one, but I'll settle for a glass of wine & separating the dog and child for a little while.
Cheers it finally Friday!

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