stuffed peppers

In need of a new crock pot recipe? I tried this last night and it's a winner!  My picky sister joined us for dinner, she even liked it and Charlie loved the stuffing.  The flavors from the pepper cook into the rice and bean mixture creating a tasty and healthy dinner!  Well healthy if you don't server it with warm tortillas, chips, salsa, cheese dip and guacamole as a side. Oh well, partially healthy, I tried.  I used this recipe adding chicken in small bit size cubes and a splash of hot sauce, cooked the rice in a rice cooker first, then added the chicken (I just threw the chicken in raw, I like to make my crocking as easy as possible why bother cooking the chicken ahead of time if you don't have to) to the rice mixture and stuffed the peppers. I cooked 4 peppers on high for 3 hrs. 

Joey even rolled some of the stuffing up in a tortilla and ate it as a burrito....maybe a good option for kids who won't eat the peppers of hubby's who like anything in burrito form! ;)

Happy Almost Friday

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