Potty talk


Along with this potty training thing comes some serious public outbursts...

1. Like when we were in the middle of Old Navy and Charlie screams "pee,pee" while doing the famous potty dance. All eyes were suddenly on us!
2. When we were in the Chick.fil.a  restroom and there was only one other person (in a stall, luckily) and the room smelled to high hell...Charlie grabbed his nose, screaming "P.U." over and over! Luckily we got out before the other lady saw us.
3. While at home and he tells me he has to go potty so we race towards the bathroom, I remove his diaper right in front of the bathroom and  say "ok, let's sit and go potty." Well sure enough the only time he actually listens to me, he sat and peed right there in my hallway, right in front of the bathroom.
Note to self: Along with potty training comes lots of potty talk & be literal when telling the child where to sit and pee next time.

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