mondays ramblings

1. Update from Pinterest cookies.  I redeemed myself and found store bought shamrock shaped cookies and doctored them up.  I used green icing, candy eye balls and little hats to top it off.  Party city has a kit with the eyes and hats.  I bought the icing and cookies at Kroger. Never again will I bother with baking it was just a sad depressing moment I need not go through when Kroger can help.

2.  I also found out I'm very, very bad at playing corn hole. Joey and I got out kid free this weekend, and went on a brewery tour with my sister and her boyfriend.  The weather was beautiful for us in Atlanta and they had a little patio with live music and corn hole.  My sister insisted we play I told her this should be interesting, she agreed.  I put on a free show for everyone.  Bean bags flying everywhere.  I even hit an on looker! Ummm...and that was after only 1/2 a beer. No sports or baking for me!

3.  As I've mentioned before I'm not ready for this potty training thing, but I'm also not ready for the public display of potty talk and pee-pee dancing that apparently come along with it (oh and it only happens in  perfectly quiet public places) I will go into more detail in another post. 

4.  I just bought these adorable swim trunks for Charlie.  They were on sale at Gap and were too cute to pass up.  Bring on the warm weather!

5. I find myself randomly breaking out in the Super Why theme song.  It scared my sister when out of no where I sang "Super why and the super readers to the rescue!"  I should probably try to tune in to quality TV shows and catch up on what's going on in the world. You know like TMZ or something.  If you don't know about Super Why, it's Charlie's favorite cartoon. He seriously sits through the whole show without blinking.  It's a cute show and all about spelling so I don't feel too guilty letting him sit and watch it.
Happy Monday!

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