monday's ramblings...

1. I'm over the moon impressed that I got out of Sephora spending $5.00 (well plus tax but please who counts tax) on this incredible nail polish.  I can't paint my nails to save my life but with no time for mani & pedi's I decided to try. Sephora has their own brand of nail polish for $5.00!!! I picked up this color and seriously, honestly, it went on like butter and four days later has not chipped. Joey came home from work the day I used it and asked me if I got a mani! What guy ever notices your nails. This stuff is like liquid gold especially if you don't have time for the real deal!

2. I just celebrated the big 3-2 and with the help of my friend giving me a dsw gift card I  purchased these beauties! Spring come on! I may or may not have worn them around the house a few times already day dreaming of warmer weather. 

3. Why has Charlie decided that 4:45 am is an acceptable time to wake up???!!! Because in our house it's not, it's really not. 4:45 is an ugly, nasty hour, at least give us 5:00.  But 6:00 would be preferable and that's still not what we want. But we know it's what Charlie wants when he wants it.

4.  Note to self don't put Charlie (or any child) down for bed time with a glob of zit cream on your chin. It's distracting and funny to kids... I found this out Friday night.

5.  Charlie is a pretty picky eater while he loves green veggies he's not much of a meat eater.  Accept if BBQ sauce is involved then he's all game! I love this recipe for BBQ pulled chicken.  It's a great way to sneak in some protein. It's so easy to make, in the crock pot of course, healthy and a meal that all three of us can enjoy.  Joey and I eat it as a sandwich, on buns, with shredded napa cabbage. Charlie dives right into the meat! *Caution: if feeding to a child it can get messy.

 Hope you're week is off to a great start!

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