monday ramblings

1. My sister (Meghan) who lives in San Francisco planned a last minute trip home.  It's been almost 7 months since all 4 of us sisters have been together & since Meg's has seen Charlie. Last time she was home he wasn't even walking! He's now running and bossing everyone around. We had a wonderful weekend! Full of many laughs and too many adult beverages! Back to reality today.

2. While Meg's was home we had to hit up our favorite spot for a little happy hour Rosa Mexicano. The pomegranate margaritas are the so yummy! Caution: it's impossible to have just one

3. You know you're old when....you get excited your new order of LED, non pink hue, energy saving lights arrived. Ahhh so excited no more pink disco lights in the house!!!

4. I recently went to the "dark side" as in no more gray hairs! It's been great. My colorist told me something many of you probably already know but I had no clue so thought I would share it with ya.  The big thing in shampoos and conditioners now is "sulfate free" (for anyone's hair but especially if you have color or keratin product in your hair).

5.  Charlie has a unhealthy obsession with Chick.fil.a whenever we drive past one he freaks out screaming "chick" "chick" "chick". This morning he grabbed a book his Aunt Stephanie gave him from a kids meal and started scraming "chick" Joey and I could not figure out what he was doing. Untill he showed us the chick.fil.a logo on the cover. Guess I know what were doing for lunch.

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