monday ramblings

1. We celebrated Grammy's birthday this weekend with a yummy brunch! Charlie was so well behaved, thanks to the attention from his Grampy, Grammy, Aunt Steph, Mike and a few tricks stashed in my purse.

2. Daddy had his first "ear muff" moment...when he yelled out "DAMN" and of course was repeated by you know who.... Glad it was daddy and not me ;)

3. Shoes have some how become a main focus of these Monday rambling posts... Check out these sandals from Target...how cute are they???!!!...

4. And in other shoe news, Toms needs to make half sizes in baby shoes. Charlie has two pairs of Toms (thanks to Aunt Meg's and daddy) and still can't fit in them because he's been stuck at
size 4 1/2 forever. But that's OK, take your time on growing up baby, Toms will always be around.

5. Why at baby showers do they play measure the size of the mommy to be's belly? It's such a horrible game for both the peggers and the one guessing. I recently went to a baby shower where my visually impaired self guessed way too big, and the mommy to be is my boss. Way to go, Steph!

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend.

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