monday ramblings

Happy St. Patty's day!!! I hope you guys enjoy a frosty green beverage or two later today!

1. I wanted to try this cute dinner idea I found on Pinterest, but my last Pinterest attempt went awful, so I'll stick with sharing the cute idea and maybe you have the talent to try it.

2. We spent the weekend Spring cleaning and babysitting a friends little one.  Charlie enjoyed having someone over to share in playing creating a toddler hurricane with his toys. 

3. I have a new favorite dining spot, Zoe's Kitchen. I can't get enough of it, already been twice in one week.  The food is so yummy, healthy and flavorful!  It's quick, delish and perfect for little ones with short attention spans or hungry adults. 

4.  I also have a new favorite cardigan.  I'm not much into anything with graphic's but have been loving the bicycle print I'm spotting everywhere. 

5. I'm really excited about Easter this year!  Charlie should be a great age to participate in the egg hunt, which has always been a big thing in my house growing up.  We are currently practicing to ensure he finds the golden egg.  So far we found a gold fish in one egg. Score!

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