Grandma Snazzy Story Time

Let me first start by saying I am so sorry if you don't live in the Atlanta / Alpharetta, Ga area, because you are truly missing out on, hands down, the best story time ever.  I stumbled upon Grandma Snazzy's story time while searching for activates Charlie would be interested in.  We've  tried other story times and while he is crazy over books most of the story times are a little too advanced for him and just didn't hold his attention (or mine for that matter).  While Grandma Snazzy to the rescue!  Believe it or not this is held in Kroger (Crabapple Kroger) in the community room and it is the best 45 min to an hour you will have with your little one!  I'm not too big on mommy and me activities but Grandma Snazzy has a way of making you want to jump right in and sing "twinkle, twinkle little star."  She opens the class with passing around a bell for every child to ring, followed by the pledge of allegiance, interactive songs (which Charlie always asks for more of!) and then a book, she finishes with a coloring activity and snacks.  Grandma Snazzy is just that a pretty snazzy grandmother and we are so happy to enjoy a little piece of Grandma Snazzy each week!  Charlie is head over heals about her, whenever we're out and he spots someone who looks like her he screams "Grandma Snazzy" and points, insisting it's her!  She is such a kind and patient lady always saying "I have been touched by angles today."  It's worth a trip to Kroger ---- you can even squeeze in some shopping after your little one is worn out...win, win!

Crapapple Kroger, 12460 Crabapple Rd, Crabapple GA
Every Tuesday., Thursday & Friday @ 10 AM
All ages welcome


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