Crying over spilled bubbles


Mommy 0 vs Charlie 10
It's been one of those days.  I've lost the battle he won and is now napping. Hallelujah! You know it's a bad day when Charlie insists on leaving Grandma Snazzy's story time early.  Or when he takes a big chunk out of my shoulder not once but twice. When he unstraps himself from those gross germy car shopping carts (that I hate him riding in but was not about to challenge him today) and manages to try to climb out and hits his head! Yep cue the tears and the Kroger worker staring at me in disbelief. Whenever anyone said "hi" to him he said "no." Like really dude, they didn't even ask you how you were doing...thank god!  Then the royal meltdown came...yep throwing everything in sight (luckily we were at home ) he even managed to spill a whole bottle of bubbles, because he wanted to blow bubbles then he didn't want to blow bubbles, then he didn't want me to blow the bubbles, he wanted to do it himself, well he can't blow bubbles, so then he got mad at the bubbles and threw the f.ing bubbles.  That then sparked another melt down because I wouldn't let him slip and slide around in the spilled bubbles, then the I'm mad so I'm gonna head bang on the table came, which he soon realized was not so smart and then proceed to cry more because it hurt!  Yep, he totally won this day.  I have no fight left in me and nothing productive at all is going to be accomplished today...accept for the glass (ha! glass-es) of wine I will be consuming this evening. Cheers to toddler hood!
UPDATE: Just checked on our dinner...which of course is cooking away in my crock pot. Or so I thought....yep! Looks like pizza for us tonight. My beloved crock pot died! Bright side it's 5:18 pm so I can pour a glass of wine and not feel bad.  Charlie is watching a little Einsteins dvd and is quiet, I am not even going to look at him the wrong way till bed time.
Cheers it's almost bed time and Friday.

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