Cancer sucks

This month has been a rough one for both of my families.  One of my sisters friends, Emily Morrison, and one of my in-laws friends, both lost their fight to brain cancer.  My in- laws dear friend, I
 had the pleasure of knowing while my sisters friend I never met. But I am so happy to know Emily was a great friend to my sister while she lived in New York.  These women where separated by 30 years of age and many states but not by the horrible "C" word that takes so many of our loved
ones.  It's such a hopeless feeling when we lose one to cancer.  I'm able to put it into perspective with (my sisters friend) Emily's mantra:

Unfortunately we can't do much to kick cancer in the as* but we can help and donate to  finding a cure.  Lets pray and stay positive that a cure is to come, SOON!  And until then lets live by the words of Emily.

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