Valentines day for the little's

Love is in the air this month and I guess Charlie has noticed.  When I picked him up at school (really MMO) the teachers told me he had such a great day that he made a friend this week.  Not just any friend a GIRL FRIEND a sweet adorable little girl!  His teachers said they must know it's almost valentines day... they were so cute playing all morning and Charlie was soooo excited to play with her. They called them boyfriend and girlfriend!  When we left she even blew him a kiss. Woah, woah, woah this momma is no where ready for girlfriends and kisses even air kisses!  With that being said this is what I'm giving my little valentine and maybe a lecture on how I'm his only valentine at least for now ;)
I plan to put the tub crayons and a little car in the mailbox. He loves opening and closing everything as well as hiding things so the mailbox should be a big hit (though may regret it when the dog food scooper is missing). Books are a big favorite of Charlie's right now (and hopefully always) watermelon has been the only food he has loved since he started eating solids and still loves it...so I just had to get this book. I hope you and your little's have a happy valentine's day!


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