Valentines day for the guy in your life

Valentine's day is always one of those holiday's where I struggle in the...WHAT IN THE WORLD DO I BUY JOEY department (I of course always have a list whenever anyone wants to surprise me with something :))  Here are a few ideas if you have that hard to shop for guy in your life or just need a little inspiration. The dollar shave club is an AWESOME gift. I find it my go to gift for the many hard to buy for men in our lives.  Then you may notice a trend with the other gifts (yep! beer can't go wrong with that in our house).  Joey started brewing his own beer which open doors to many new gift options! Below are personalized bottle caps, beer labels and of course a cooler  (which holds wine and sippy cups perfectly).As well as loving beer there is a BIG time love of coffee in our house.  Hope this helps if you're stuck. Happy Wednesday XoXo


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