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What to do when your 17 month old tells you he has to go "pee-pee" while doing the potty dance! 
I was so shocked I had no clue he was even aware of going "pee-pee" in the potty.  For some reason I had my mind set on beginning the potty training process at 2 --- thinking "they" say boys are slower to use the potty and "they" say don't start to early you could really mess a kid up yada yada yada...  So I of course turned to Google and my mom for advise. I decided to take Charlie to the store and pick out a potty ----we bought BABYBJORN Potty Chair it had great reviews and so far has lived up to those reviews).  I put it in the bathroom and just let him play with it.  The next time he told me he had to go "pee-pee" I told him lets go to your potty. We were so excited running to the potty --- stripped everything off annnnndddddd....he had already peed. I realized he was telling me "pee-pee" as he was peeing.  That's a-ok it's a great first step --- more then I expected at this time. So what we do now is when he tells me he is peeing we try to make it to the potty and he actually has made it a few times! I practically did back flips I was so excited and he simply looked at me like so what mom I peed in the potty- no big deal! Although he was excited to flush.  Sometimes we make it to the potty in time and sometimes we don't sometimes he pee's on the hall floor (yep the hall floor --- we were running to the potty diaper off and I said come on lets sit and pee well the one time he actually listens to me he stopped right in his tracks sat and peed right on the hall floor! I couldn't  help but die laughing to myself)  and sometimes he doesn't t even want to go.  Often he will say "pee-pee" I ask him if he wants to go to the potty and he says "no" I tell him thank you for telling me and we move on--- it would be nice to be diaper free but I'm just not mentally ready for all this just yet!
Oh I learned really quickly why they make pull-ups. Trying to take a diaper on and off fast is no easy task.

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