monday's ramblings...

Just a few little things running through my head this Monday.

1. I thought boys were suppose to be "momma's boys" and girls were "daddy's little girl"
so why oh why does Charlie stand at the door and cry every morning Joey goes to work! ( will elaborate more on this maddening issue in another post) This is not the positive motivation one needs
to start their day --- especially Monday mornings.

2. If it's true that the age two is harder then one and three is harder then two we are in big trouble...just saying.

3. Home goods has these tots adorbs stools right now for $8.00. Charlie is obsessed with his.  He is able to brush his teeth without us holding him and he is pretty proud of that! Score one point towards slowly gaining independence.

4. All three of us were down and out last week with the stomach bug. It was horrible I will spare you details but we are back to the land of living and eating.  I cooked (crocked -- that's my method of cooking) these awesome mango lettuce wraps last night.  This recipe will be a staple in my house as the warmer months approach it's so tasty, healthy and fun to eat (also gluten free if that's a concern)!
You can find the recipe here *mine turned out a little spicy next time I'm going to cut the chili paste down to 1/2 t and only one jalapeno.
 I did quinoa, beets & goat cheese as sides. It was delish. I find most of my GF crock recipes from this blog she's great!

5. It's  the cute little random goodies I fall in love with. One of my current random lil love affairs are these wine charms ---- they make great gifts or a gift to yourself if you're anything like me.

Happy Monday!

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