maybe just a little OCD...

Is it wrong that Charlie maybe slightly neurotic about cleaning?  I of course think his compulsive cleaning is fabulous and I know exactly where he gets it from, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, for realz!  He's always ready for a good sweeping or swiffering session, he loves to dump crayons out and methodically organize them back in their spot, he likes to wipe his face and clean his placemat after he eats, and when he sees dirt on the floor he makes sure to show me with a look of disgust (as my friend said he's like the mother in law from h*ll always pointing out dirt in my house).  This past weekend we went to a 3 year olds birthday party and while the kids were eating Charlie was obsessed over the food that was falling on the floor, there was one grape in particular, that was really bothering him.  He wanted to pick the grape up off the floor so badly.  I finally gave in and crawled under the table to retrieve the grape and throw it away. Charlie was able to go about eating his nuggets.  After most of the kids finished eating, Charlie took it upon himself to be "clean-up crew".  He started to clear the table picking up; straw wrappers, juice boxes, even full plates of food  (I'm un-sure if the kid was still eating or not) throwing it all in the trash can!  Joey and I sat back in amazement while another mom praised him. My guess is he will way too quickly out grow this phase but if he happens to be a little OCD like his mommy I'm  not complaining!
Taking a quick snack break --- child labor laws don't apply if it's your own kid. Right?!
Cheers it's almost Friday!

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