i love my red shoes

Let me start by saying I am in no way affiliated with See Kai Run, I'm simply a mother of a kid with funky toes (really funky toes) and chubster feet!  When he first started walking I quickly realized finding shoes for him was going to be nothing short of a miracle. After many failed attempts and lots of review reading I orders these shoes.  I was so impressed not only did they slid right on his feet without any struggle but they stayed on and he had no problems walking.  An added bonus they are cute, which at this point I was willing to forgo fashion for the sake of finding something, anything,  thankfully it didn't come to that.  These were the only shoes Charlie owned for ummm... 7 months.  They took a beating over those 7 months without any signs of wear.  I mean they are fabulous!  I have since added another pair of shoes to his wardrobe, they fit,  but he only wants to wear his red shoes.  Like he always wants to wear his red shoes...at nap time, at bed time and while hanging out at home potty training (see photo below:))
Happy Friday

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