diy headboard

I have been in the process of re-doing my guest bedroom/office. I was in need of a headboard for the bed and just couldn't find one I loved (well one I loved that I was willing to pay for :)).
I thought about trying to build a headboard but was too afraid it would be way to difficult (I must be honest ....I can't build. It would've been Joey building the headboard ---- which he kind ended up doing on a much smaller scale).  I decided to use extra laminate boards I had left over from when we re-did our floors last year.
 What we (or rather Joey...I imagine the ideas and Joey puts my visions to life. A great team!) did was use 4 left over laminate flooring boards and locked them into place --- they work like puzzle pieces --- very easy. Next we figured out where exactly we wanted to hang the slates then measured out where to drill the holes --- dilled silver screws in (you could use a different color screws depending upon your room style and color) and viola! We left the screws exposed going with a more contemporary feel but you could always use wood filler if you prefer not to see them. 

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