Bag delimma - real life problems

I absolutely LOVE my diaper bag if you are in need of a good one I promise you this one will not disappoint. I have a looong list of what I need and want in a bag and this one fits them all. The dilemma occurred when I went on a hunt a (couple months ago) in search of the perfect crossbody. Of course I wanted the bag to well lets just say do everything for me... keep me organized, never loose my keys, answer my phone, apply my make up, change Charlies diapers, transition from the park to a night out with girlfriends. HA! It's not an easy to search! This search took me way too long. Lots of late nights of online shopping and review reading later. I not only got my life back from the hours spent searching but also found THE BEST crossbody. It transitions well from day to night holds enough for quick trips out (even diapers) and lets state the obvious it's a cutie...I introduce to you Avery by Vince Camuto.

Avery Crossbody
Olivia Storksak

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