Winter wonderland

We are defrosting and thawing out from the snow storm and major traffic jam Atlanta suffered this past week. Our family and friends all made it out safe (while some not so sane after a long ride home). Our hearts go out to all of those who were stuck on the road and families that had children stuck at school and on buses and the brave teachers and bus drivers. We took Charlie out in the "no"...what he calls snow. He said the "no" was "hot" EVEYTHING is hot to him! He was too funny with his mittens he walked with his hands out in front of him like they he couldn't move them (he does the same thing with stickers). He enjoyed the snow till he realized we couldn't swing or play in his wagon in the snow. Our trip outside quickly ended in a horrible meltdown not understanding why we can't play with those outside toys while outside. Oh well! Maybe Atlanta will see a snow flake or two next year and we can try again! :) Till then we captured a few pictures before the terror of toddlerhood struck!

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